Leaving the church in Germany

If you want to leave the church in Germany you need to declare it at a state authority.

You have to appear at the registry office of your parish (Standesamt) or your county court (Amtsgericht) personally.
There you fill in a form and sign it. You require a valid identity card or a passport.
A reason is not necessary.
It is not possible to leave the church by means of a letter !
Where do you have to declare the leaving? What does is cost?

Gebühren und zuständige Behörden

Bundesland Amt Gebühr
Baden-Württemberg Standesamt
Bayern Standesamt 35,00 €
Berlin Amtsgericht 30,00 €
Brandenburg Amtsgericht 0,00 €
Bremen Kirche 0,00 €
Hamburg Standesamt 31,00 €
Hessen Bürgeramt 30,00 €
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Standesamt 12,00 €
Niedersachsen Standesamt 30,00 €
Nordrhein-Westfalen Amtsgericht 30,00 €
Rheinland-Pfalz Standesamt 30,00 €
Saarland Standesamt 32,00 €
Sachsen Standesamt 35,00 €
Sachsen-Anhalt Standesamt 30,00 €
Schleswig-Holstein Standesamt 20,00 €
Thüringen Standesamt 30,00 €